End your 2015 with a bang!

Since 2016 is less than a day away, it is time to make your new year beauty resolutions! 

1. Remove your make up before you go to bed

Yes, we know that this has been repeated and emphasised millions of times. But it is important to remove all that gunk off your face before you head to bed! Your skin will age beyond its years you do not make the habit of removing your make up before bedtime and our new year’s resolution is definitely NOT to look older than our actual age! 

2. Maintain a healthy skincare regimen

Find a simple skincare routine that you can actually stick with. The ultimate basics to begin with are to cleanse, tone and moisturise. 

3. Take care of the rest of your body!

It’s time to rock some backless dresses this year! Exfoliating your back using body scrub once a week will help to remove dead skin and also all the oil build up that can cause acne or rashes.

The Sloane Clinic provides a backless facial service for those who are looking to clear out acne prone or rough back skin. It is best booked one week prior to the donning of a low-slung something. The facial uses quality products and a clinical grade microdermabrasion therapy using pure skin polishing crystals.  

4. Get a new do for the new year

Always wanted to try something different with your hair? Now is the time you to go straight for the cut and try something new and bold! Even if it turns out that you don’t like it, who cares? At least you were bold enough to make that move!

5. Get a facial

Use the Sloane Clinic’s facial solution to find out which facial and facial product is the best for your skin type! 

Ending this year with a bang, means beginning 2016 on a high note! 


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