Is it really possible to achieve that glow factor in just #15minutes? It is! And here’s how…

1)  Superfood Pineapple Enzyme Scrub

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to get rid of all the dead skin cells, in order to reveal a refreshed skin. The base of the skin is really important. If you begin with clean and fresh skin, the rest of your skincare products that you apply afterwards will be absorbed better into your skin. 

2) Oxygen Boost Energizing Masque

This mask is really fun to use! I love how you can actually hear the bubbles popping. I leave this on for 5 minutes and the bubbles would dissolve as they release oxygen into your skin, making it feel soothed and refreshed. This product is safe for eczema & other sensitive skin conditions. 

3) Clarity Water

This product further removes residual impurities and dead skin cells for a refreshed feeling and healthy-looking glow. I like to put a small amount into a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face to get rid of all the remaining impurities on my skin. Clarity water also gently exfoliates, offers anti-aging benefits, controls sebum and shine as well as tones skin texture.

4) 24K Gold Primer

I use this product under makeup as I find that it stays on much longer and my foundation tends to glide on more smoothly when I apply this beforehand. This primer is also special as it improves circulation and decreases skin inflammation, which is great if you are suffering from acne or a skin break out. What’s even greater, is that it contains anti aging products and enhances skin’s elasticity, firmness & smoothness.


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