Adios panda eyes!

With our busy schedules, our eyes are something that we often neglect and pay less attention to. Pulling all nighters? Staring at your laptop screen for hours? Guilty as charged. 


As adorable as this panda looks, the panda eyes may be a look only it can rock. Unfortunately. 

That is why I was so happy to discover Sloane Inc Youth – A product that I can use not only to keep my whole face looking healthy and glowing, it’s also gentle enough for me to use even around my delicate eye areas. It is made out of 100% Rose hip oil with lavender. When I first tested the product on my hands, it smelled so good and calming, that I was instantly won over before I even applied it on my skin. 


This was literally my reaction when I first opened my first bottle of the Sloane Inc Youth. 

And when I did, the effect was so calming that I was kicking myself for not discovering about it sooner!

Sloane Inc Youth  is carefully formulated with 100% Certified Organic rosehip oil which provides vital nutrients to promote radiant, healthy looking skin, this natural elixir has also been known to help soothe skin conditions and slow ageing. If you do not know yet, rosehip oil is highly raved by supermodels to achieve their radiant glowing skin. Always wanted that supermodel glow, well now you can 😉 


Miranda Kerr applies rosehip oil every night before sleep for her beautiful, glowing skin. Do we really need any more affirmation? 

Okay, let’s cut to the chase, I bet you can’t wait to see just how this amazing product looks like, right? 


Here it is! I really love the clean and minimal packaging as well. The application of the product is so simple. Just roll it over your desired areas, every night and then lightly massage in with fingertips – and wake up to beautiful glowing skin AND less puffy eyes! I especially recommend to apply it around your eyes to battle those under eye circles and wrinkles. 

 I can’t just get enough of it! I would definitely repurchase this once mine finishes. Meanwhile, you can get yours here! Don’t forget to share on our Facebook page once you’ve got your hands on the Sloane Inc Youth to let us know what wonders it has done for you 😉 


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