The past few weeks was particularly tough for me, as I haven’t gotten much sleep and it is definitely taking a toll on my skin! It started breaking out and to make things worse, the haze does not seem to be clearing up 😦 Thankfully, with the daily use of these products, my skin condition seems to be improving.

Formulated with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Anti-Acne Tonic (Anti-shine formula) noticeably reduced the size of my angry pimples after about a week of usage. It’s really easy to use as well! Just a spritz of this daily tonic and your skin is treated to a deep dermal detox.

Another product that I love is Purity which soothed my skin and made me feel totally relaxed after a long day. This soothing aqueous gel effectively heals red, stubborn acne and reduces inflammation of skin. I also heard that it improves uneven skin tone when used regularly, so I am really looking forward to that!

Skin Rescue is another holy grail product to use when your skin gets really sensitive and irritated (Read: that time of the month). Its is an overnight acne attacker with oil absorbing, anti-inflammatory & pigment-preventing properties. It combats acne and for those suffering from rosacea, and clinically reduces skin redness. Use the product as instructed by your physician for maximum effectiveness!


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