My Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Journey 2: Chloe’s Beauty Diary

Last week, I went for a consultation with Dr Tan Ying Chien,
plastic surgeon at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre for my nose, which
I have always been unhappy with. For the longest time, I have had a “pig-nose”,
which is flat and wide, with nostrils showing. I was hoping that a simple nose
implant would be able to help me look better, but after the consult, I realized
that the problems plaguing my nose are too big to be solved so easily. I would
have to undergo more extensive nose surgery to achieve the nose of my dreams.

The Allure-KTM Rhinoplasty


After serious consideration, I decided to go with Dr Tan’s
suggestion: and undergo the Allure-K Rhinoplasty procedure, specially designed
by The Sloane Clinic
. The surgery is a complex one which will take 3 hours,
done under sedation by an anaesthetist. My entire nose will be “reconstructed”
in a few concurrent steps: 

Insertion of nose implant for nose bridge

Reduction of width of nose with Alarplasty

Refining of nose tip with ear cartilage graft,
to make it sharper

Lengthening of colunmellar (mid part of underside
of nose between nostrils)

The idea is to not only make my nose higher and narrower,
but also to lengthen it to make it more proportional to my face. Sounds scary? Yes
it is!! What if my nose turned out strange? Or the scars did not heal well?
There were so many questions that could not be answered. All I knew is that my
fate was in the hands of my plastic surgeon.

The Big Surgery Day

The big day finally came. I was really nervous, yet excited
at the same time to undergo this life-changing procedure. I had to fast from
the night before. After I got to the clinic, pre- surgical photos were first
taken, after which Dr Tan drew the markings on my nose where the actual
incisions were going to be made. An anaesthetic cream was applied to the nose
so that injections will be comfortable later.


Following that, it was time for anaesthesia. After talking
and examining me to make sure that I am healthy enough, the Anaesthetist (who
is also a doctor, unknown to many!) informed me that I will be undergoing twilight
sedation: this is a type of anaesthesia where I would be merely sedated, and
not entirely put to sleep like in general anaesthesia. I should be able to wake
up pretty soon after the procedure with very little hangover.

I was shown into the
operating theatre, and I knew it was time to start soon. Lying down on a bed
with so many people busy running around was really intimitating, but the nurses
constantly made sure I was comfortable.


I must admit it was pretty
much a blur after that. All I remember is the anaesthetist giving me an
injection on the arm for the sedative medications to be administered later. Dr
Tan then came into the room and reassured me, and everything that followed was
hazy! This may be just sedation and not full general anaesthesia, but the
feeling was as if I slept through it, and did not remember a thing at all after
waking up!


Immediately after waking up from surgery.
A little groggy but otherwise fine!


Posing with the clinic sign before

When I woke, I was
immediately greeted by the nurses, then by Dr Tan, who told me that everything
went very well. The surgery took 3 hours, and went excactly as we discussed.
After telling me about what to look out for, I was discharged an hour later with
the nose guard and some medications. I was to return in 5 days, for the removal
of stitches. Surprisingly, I felt very normal – there was much less pain,
swelling and discomfort than expected.  After
putting a face mask on, no one even seemed to notce that I have had surgery

The Recovery

Believe it or not, I was back at work the very next day.  I could go about my normal activities: the
only important thing is to be very gentle with my face and nose, taking care to
keep the nose guard dry. There was never much pain or swelling. Strangely, the
swelling was worst on the 3rd day! My cheeks started to swell up a
bit, but Dr Tan reassured me that this was normal, and that it will all go

You hear horror stories online about the terrible bruising which
happens after nose surgery. Fortunately, none of that happened to me, and I
went about my normal activities without much problems. The biggest obstacle,
for me, was trying to keep my nose dry: For the first 3 days, I did not even
dare to wash my face, and relied on wet wipes to keep my face clean. Washing my
hair was a challenge, which I attempted on the 3rd day as well. I
had to make sure my face was kept dry (I used cling wrap around my nose!!), and
skillfully hose my hair down away from my face. Other than washing up, I did
not experience other inconveniences.


My Recovery Journey in photos


My Recovery Journey in photos

Stitch Removal: Revealing My New Nose

After 5 days , the day to remove the stitches finally came.
This time, the procedure was very straightforward, and Dr Tan removed the
stitches in less than 10 minutes. It was also the day where my new nose will be
revealed. Needless to say, I was so excited!


First look at my new nose

It was one of those moments I will never forget: seeing my
new face for the first time. Although it was still swollen, the new nose shape
was already obvious: besides being higher and narrower, it was longer, and most
importantly, the nostrils are no longer showing – it was no longer the
“pig-nose” I have carried with me all my life. For the first time in my life,
my nose was beautiful.  I was beautiful.

Two Weeks On: The Story Continues

It has been 2 weeks since the stitches were removed.
Everyday, the swelling continues to subside, revealing more and more of how my
nose will finally look. According to Dr Tan, it takes about 3 months for
everything to settle down; yet, my nose is already looking exactly the way I
imagined it to be. I have never felt better, more confident, and happier about

After 27 years, I can finally put the “four-eyed pig nose”
days behind me, and enter a new chapter in my life. People often say that
plastic surgery is only for the vain: that it only changes your looks. What naysayers
do not realize is that it does so much more: It changes the way you think, the
way you walk, the way you see yourself. 

I am very lucky to have met a caring and understanding
doctor, who was always patient to understand my needs, my concerns, and my
feelings. Yes, Allure-K Rhinoplasty costs more than a simple implant, but I
never once felt that Dr Tan suggested it to earn more money: he always had my
genuine interests at heart, and for that, I am always grateful.

What’s next?

The quest for beauty is always ongoing. During my
consultation with Dr Tan, he also said that a chin implant will be the last
piece of the puzzle to transform my face to become proportionate. I will
definitely bear that in mind. But for now, I will revel in my new found
confidence, and be very content, with my new nose!


A different nose makes a huge difference

Here’s the 2nd video, showing the surgery process. Stay tuned for the 3rd part! 


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