9 Important (But Unknown) Facts You Need To Know Before Your Breast Enlargement Surgery


For 2 years
in a row, breast augmentation surgery has overtaken liposuction as the most
commonly performed plastic surgery procedure, with more than 286,000 procedures
performed in 2014 in the United States alone.

being so common, a boob job can still be a taboo topic, especially in Asian
societies like Singapore. You have heard horror stories of exploding implants,
increased cancer risks and leaking boobs – but the truth is, breast
augmentation surgery has come a long way. With improved techonology and
surgical techniques, the procedure, and results, will be very rewarding. We
speak to Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic
Plastic Surgery Centre to find out more about the important things you need to
know about Breast Augmentation Surgery.

1. Silicone Implants Do Not Increase
the Risk of Cancer

In the
1980s, silicone breast implants received a bad reputation when they were linked
to increased risk of breast cancer. However, rigorous research has certified
that silicone implants are safe, and not linked to breast cancer. “In fact, a
study even showed that women with breast implants may even detect breast cancer
earlier, before they were more vigilant with self examinations and mammograms”,
explains Dr Tan Ying Chien.

Video showing what happens when a breast implant ruptures

2. Silicone Implants Have Evolved
Greatly, and are now in their 5th Generation

generation silicone implants, also affectionately known as gummy bear implants
for their solid-gel-like consistency underneath the capsule, were first
introduced to the market in the mid-90s. Because of their consistency, they
will not leak, even in the unlikely event of a rupture, making them much safer.

to earlier generations, 5th generation implants are more stable –
they maintain their shape, and will not conform to the space they are in.
Studies have also shown a better safety profile, with reduced incidence of
complications such as capsular contracture.”

generation implants are also designed to last much longer. Older implants need to be changed every 10-15 years, but
5th generation implants do not need to be removed and changed if
there are no issues.


Anatanomical Tear-drop implants vs Round

3. Consider Anatomically
Shaped Tear-Drop Implants for A More Natural Outcome

many women who have breast implants get their cover blown from the round-globe
effect which fake breasts have. This is the result of using round, (smooth
globe) implants.

Luckily for
us, implants now come in an anatomical tear-drop shape. “Tear-drop implants
respect the natural contours of a female body to produce a very natural
outcome. When the procedure is performed in skilled hands, it is very
difficult, if not impossible, to tell if a woman has undergone breast
augmentation surgery”. This is especially important in slim women with
relatively little flesh over the chest area.


Avoid the dreaded round-globe effect with
tear-drop implants

4. Bigger is Not Always
Better: Shape, Form and Aesthetics Matter

Many women
have the wrong impression that bigger is better. “In fact, breasts which are
too big will look unnatural and disproportionate. Most men find this
off-putting”, explains Dr Tan. Beautiful breasts are full, symmetrical, and
lifted. Focusing on these aesthetic ideals, Dr
Tan has come up with the Dream-Lift Breast Augmentation
– which focuses not only on improving
the size of breasts but also on correcting any asymmetry and residual sagging
caused by age, childbirth and weight fluctuations. “The procedure is specially designed
to address all aesthetic imperfections to create the most ideal aesthetic
outcome possible for you.”


Breast Augmentation by The Sloane Clinic

5. You Can Get a Good
Idea of What You May Look Like With 3D Imaging 

right out of sci-fi movies: with high-tech 3D imaging now available, you can
have a good idea of how you look like after your breast enlargement surgery.

imaging system first maps out your surface anatomy
produces a precise image of your body structure. The computer then uses

simulations to give you a clearer view of what the expected results would be.
“Patients have more assurance in the implant choices they make. Our patients
are able to achieve high patient satisfaction and enhanced aesthetic outcome in
their breast augmentation procedures with this new technology”, explains Dr
Tan, who offers VECTRA 3D in his clinic.


VECTRA 3D Imaging simulates an accurate picture of what
you will look like after breast augmentation surgery

6. You Need Only To Rest
The Weekend For Breast Augmentation

to popular belief, there is very little downtime associated with breast
augmentation. “My patients typically come for the procedure on a Thursday or
Friday, and are back to work on Monday, taking only a day or 2 off”, Dr Tan
explains. The soreness from the procedure only lasts 4-5 days, but patients are
advised to stop exercise for a month to ensure full healing.

7. Cheap Implants Can Be

2010, authorities recalled up to 30,000 breast implants manufactured by the
French company Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) following the discovery that the
company had used cheaper, industrial grade silicone to manufacture their breast
implants since 2001, explaining their lower price. These cheaper implants had 5
times the possibility of rupture, and were thought to increase the risk of
breast cancer, toxicity, and even death from rupture.

When asked if Dr Tan opts for cheaper implants to
save cost, he replied: “The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre uses Mentor MemoryShape breast
implants. Mentor has had their silicone breast implants approved by the US FDA
since November 2006 for breast augmentation in women 22 years or older and for
breast reconstruction in women of any age. Patients who have had these implants
have been very satisfied with their results so far.”


PIP implants triggered widespread panic with reports of
rupture and cancer risks

8. Your New Breasts Will Age and Sag
Like Normal Breasts

Many women do
not realize that implants add weight to your body the way real breasts do. Augmented
breast will also sag, but will sag at a much slower rate and to a much lesser
extent than natural breasts. Hence, a well-fitted bra is still important after
your surgery.

Your Doctor Carefully: Not all Are Certified

have been horror stories of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery, only
waking up to find that they were not implanted with the size they wanted. Other
patients have even done the procedure in spas, not by doctors! This is
extremely dangerous and may result in poor results, or even death”, shares Dr

plastic surgeons have undergone the necessary training, and have the expertise
to perform breast augmentation surgeries. Hence, when looking for a doctor,
remember to make sure that he or she is a certified plastic surgeon.

“Read up on
his website and research on forums. You would be able to gather others’
experiences on various plastic surgeons and breast augmentation surgery. When
you are ready, make an appointment for a consultation with the plastic surgeon.
Decide on the next step (scheduling surgery) only with a plastic surgeon who
makes you feel comfortable.”

Dr Tan
Ting Chien practices at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre
. 10 Sinaran Drive, #08-35 Novena Medical Center,
Singapore 307506. Please call (65) 6397 6848 to find out more about Breast
Augmentation Surgery, or to make an appointment for consultation.


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