3 Different Ways to Achieve a Beautiful Chin

The chin is
a very interesting part of our face. Being the lowermost point, it gives our
face definition and shape. A strong, proportionate chin gives a beautiful face,
while an over-prominent or receding chin makes us look un attractive.

Thought to
be formed from the shrinking of the massive jaws of our herbivorous ancestors,
the discovery of modern ways of food preparation led to food being made more
tender and chewable, bringing about the reduction of the jaws and teeth and
eventually, the evolution of the modern day chin in man.

Makes a Beautiful Chin?

“Chins are
commonly related to one’s personality. It is often deliberated that a person
with a receding chin, presents himself as a low driven and low esteemed
individual. In contrary, someone featured with a broad and large chin, are
known to have a strong character. A beautiful female chin is more pointed and triangular, compared to
the ideal male chin, which is more square, and broader”, explains Dr Tan Ying Chien,
consultant Plastic Surgeon
at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre.

More often than not, Caucasians tend to have long and sharp
chin lines, unlike Asians who generally have shorter and flatter chins, causing
the face to look disproportionate.

“A simple way to assess the adequacy of the chin is to draw a
line from the tip of the nose to the lower lip. When this line is extended
downwards, it should be able to touch the chin”, Dr Tan adds.


Augmentation: Filler Injections

“Since Asians generally have shorter and flatter chins, chin
augmentation is common in this part of the world.” There are surgical and
non-surgical options for the procedure, depending on the degree of correction

“For those seeking a more subtle improvement, or those who
want to have an idea what they would look like with an augmented chin, natural fillers would
be a good option
”, says Dr Tan. Fillers are also excellent for
contouring the lower face, including the pre-jowl sulcus. “Filler placed here
will smoothen the jaw line, and lift the sagging jowls. In expert hands,
results can be very natural, and aesthetically beautiful.”


Natural fillers help augment the chin, and contour the
lower face.

Augmentation: Chin Implant

A surgical
method of augmenting the chin is via the insertion of a silicone implant
. “It is a
simple procedure that involves the insertion of an implant via a small incision
inside the mouth, leaving no external scars. The procedure only takes about 20
minutes, performed under local anaesthesia”, says Dr Tan. Prior the procedure,
the doctor will determine the best size of implant with the patient. “Most
patients worry about an unnatural outcome; however, this can be avoided with a
keen aesthetic eye, and more communication between doctor and patient”.


augmentation with a silicone implant (illustration by Dr Tan Ying Chien)

Augmentation: Genioplasty

For those who cringe at the idea of having an implant in the
body, there is an alternative way of contouring the chin: via manipulation of
the jaw bone. The procedure, also known as sliding genioplasty, involves
cutting the bone (known as an osteotomy), then repositioning the jaw and
securing it with titanium plates and screws. The procedure, though scary sounding,
is surprisingly simple. It can be done via an incision in the mouth so that it
leaves no scars, and takes about the same time as a chin implant to perform!

“Sliding genioplasty is a good option when the chin
deficiency is too large, or when significant vertical height is needed to
create a good aesthetic result.” The procedure is also excellent for correcting
asymmetries in the chin. “Chin implants may shift in position later on. This
does not happen in genioplasties because the bone is fixed rigidly in its new


Chin augmentation with
sliding genioplasty (illustration by Dr Tan Ying Chien)

is also great in that it can not only augment a receding chin, but also correct
an overly large chin: by sliding the bone backwards.  

A beautiful
chin helps make a face look proportionate, confident, and goes a long way, in
making someone look beautiful. With different options available for chin
augmentation, it is important to have a conversation with the doctor of your
choice, and find out the best option for you.

Tan Ying Chien practices at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre (10
Sinaran Drive, #08-35 Novena Medical Center, Singapore 307506). Please call
6397 6848 to find out more, or for an appointment.


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