3 Different Ways to Achieve The Perfect Pout

There is no doubt that the lips are extremely important. Men spend more than half the time gazing at a woman’s mouth
in the first ten seconds he meets her, according to a study from Manchester
University. Men also prefer fuller lips over thin ones: Angelina Jolie and
Scarlett Johansson are considered the goddesses of beautiful lips.

While not everyone is blessed
with Angelina Jolie’s lips, there are many ways to get them: Kylie Jenner recently just admitted
to having filler injections done to get her dramatically more luscious lips. If
you are queasy over needles, fear not; here are some different treatments you
can try!

1)  Lip Products

easiest way to up your pout factor is by strategically using the correct
products. Lip plumpers allow you to instantly maximize your pout, without the
need for injections.

Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper is a rated
highly for its natural plumping and glossy look, without the usual burning
sensation associated with lip plumpers.


Our other favourite is the Sloane
Inc Lip Plumper, which  uses a different
from older products. Instead
of an irritating ingredient to plump up the lips, it uses a natural, patented
tripeptide, Maxi-LipT, to voluminize, plump, hydrate, smooth fine surface lines
and improve lip contours by stimulating collagen production in the connective
tissues. Expect Plumper lips in a few seconds, as you can see here in our
previous post.  Sloane Inc Lip Plumper is
best used with other lip products in the same line, so smoothen, brighten, and
party-prep your lips.


2) Lip Facials

Also clever known as
Lip-cials, these are spa treatments, specially designed for the lips.Lip fabulosity, by The Sloane Spa, is a targeted lip
exfoliation, stain removal and cellular replenishing therapy aimed at prepping
your puckers so they looked renewed and rejuvenated.Pumpkin apple enzymes gently melt away dead cells and
erase stubborn stains from food residue and makeup, while innovative
pout-softening ingredients leaves lips clean, healthy, incredibly refreshed and
perfectly prepped for the rest of your lip care regimen. Perfect before a
night’s out.


3) Lip Fillers

Gone are the days when lips
fillers created lumpy sausage lips. Those ghastly results happened more than 10
years ago, when substances such as silicon were used in the lips. Lips fillers,
when injected correctly, will enhance your lips, define their shape, and
restore youthfulness to your face.


Kylie Jenner recently admitted to having injectable fillers
done to achieve her new, amazing lips.

Fillers can give you the
perfect pout in 3 different ways:

Plumpness and Hydration

One of the signs of ageing of
the lips is dry, chapped lips, and the appearance of vertical lines, as a
result of loss of hydration and collagen. The lips become tired-looking, and in
severe cases, lipstick bleeding may occur.
Fillers can be used to solve the problem. With a few microinjections of
a very soft filler, the hydration of the lips can be restored, and the lines
eliminated. . This treatment, Revitalift Lips,
is very natural, and perfect for someone who is keen to just improve hydration
and lip lines, without any increase in volume.

Lip Contours

Lip shape is just as
important as lip volume. Beautiful lips have well-defined borders, and upturned
lip corners. The centre of the lips should form an inverted “w” like a cupid’s
bow. In addition, the philtrum (the 2 lines which run down the centre from the
nose to the lip) should be visible and well defined. The lower lip should also
be slightly thicker than the upper lip in accordance to the golden ratio. Many
of these features are absent in women; we try to reproduce them with lip liners
and lipstick. By skillfully injecting Natural Fillers
into the lip contours, we can create lips which look youthful, luscious, and

Thickness and Volume

Thicker lips are associated
with youth and femininity. If more luscious, Angelina Jolie-type lips are what
you desire, a more robust filler such as Emervel Volume can be used to achieve
the effect. These fillers are stiffer and hence give a good lifting and
volumizing effect.


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