5 Lip Products To Instantly Give You the Perfect Pout

We were given a chance to try out these fabulous lip
products from Sloane Inc, designed to pamper lips and make sure you are ready
for your hot date. Our product tester is Jane, who suffers from dry, cracked
lips. She also suffers from eczematous, sensitive skin, so she needs the most
gentle products to perk her lips up.

The products are designed to be used in sequence, to party
prep your lips. Here we go!

Step 1: Lip

Your skin needs exfoliation
to remove dead cells and let the new skin underneath shine. Your lips are no
exception. Sloane Inc Lip Fabulosity Scrub uses natural ingredients – finely granulated sweet sugar, fine almond shells,
jojoba & olive oils, shea and cocoa butters, vitamins A, C and E, to
exfoliate dull, dry or chapped lips for a beautifully smooth finish that can
actually help your lipstick last longer.


Step 2: Lip
Fabulosity Mask


After scrubbing, it is time for intense hydration and
Sloane Inc Lip Fabulosity Mask is agel pad mask
,specially designed for the
lips. Just like sheet masks for the face, you leave the mask on for 10 minutes,
to brighten the lips, hydrate and smoothen out fine lines. It is deeply
replenishing and works to get dull, dry lips quickly hydrated. It can be done
the night before, or after the lip scrub.


Step 3: Lip
Fabulosity Serum

After scrubbing, the next step is to moisturize. Sloane Inc
Lip Fabulosity Serum packs a host of powerful
, ethylhexylpalmitate,
sphingolipids and ceramides to form an unparalleled anti-ageing and instant
smoothening therapy for uninspired lips.

This powerful treatment helps
prevent premature signs of aging, while restoring moisture and smoothing the
surface of the lips with natural ingredients that penetrate deeply to boost
cell turnover and moisture retention.


Step 4: Lip Plumper

Older lip plumpers used to
use irritating ingredients such as chili to make the lips look larger. Sloane Inc Lip Plumper uses a different approach: a natural, patented tripeptide, Maxi-LipT, to
voluminize, plump, hydrate, smooth fine surface lines and improve lip contours
by stimulating collagen production in the connective tissues.

Its pretty amazing – Jane’s
lips were more voluminous, had less lines, and were definitely more pout
perfect – all in less 2 minutes after putting it on! Considering how easy this
is, the product is a must have before a night out.


Step 5: Lip Stain

The final step is to add a touch of colour: with Sloane
Inc Lip Stain
, a replacement for lipstick, to achieve a more natural,
youthful pout. The water resistant, long lasting formula is perfect for a night
out, without the need to reapply constantly, and without worrying that we will
leave lipstick marks on cocktail glasses.

Here’s Jane, before and after the 5 step pout-perfecting beauty
regime you can do at home. For such a simple regime, without the need for any
injectable fillers, the results are really wow-worthy. Try it out yourself!

Sloane Inc Lip products are available at all branches of The
Sloane Clinic, and on The Sloane Shop.


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