6 Cheats to Achieve Beautiful Eyes

The eyes are the focal point of our faces, and hence, often referred
to as the windows to our soul. A pair of beautiful eyes brings life to our
faces, while lack-lustre eyes make us look sad, tired, and unattractive. Yet,
the eyes extremely vulnerable: the thin skin and rich blood supply gives rise
to dark eye circles, wrinkles and ageing very early in life. Not all of us are
born with beautiful eyes, but even if we are genetically less privileged, there
are many ways which we can cheat our way to beautiful, soulful eyes.

What Makes Beautiful Eyes?


Attractive eyes are bright lively, and large. The eyes are
slightly upturned, with the outside corner being slightly higher than inner

An important feature viewed to be very attractive is the
supra-tarsalepicanthal fold, or double eyelid. Double eyelids make our eyes
look larger, and more deep set. Unfortunately, this is often absent in Asians.

The areas around the eyes are equally important: they frame
the eyes.  Long, thick eyelashes make the
eyes more attractive. The eyebrows are also important: the feminine brow is
arched gently upwards, and should follow golden ratio proportions.

Finally, the undereye area should be free of pigmentation
(dark eye circles), and follow a smooth contour into the cheeks.

Instant Cheat: Makeup

Skillfully applied make-up can transform the eyes in ways
you cannot imagine.

The secret is to use eyeliner to extend the contour of your
eyes. There are tons
of articles online
about how you can harness the power of makeup to
beautify your eyes.

Need proof? Check out this Taiwanese variety show:

Instant Cheat: Eyelash
extensions, Contact Lenses

Long, luscious eyelashes give more depth to the eyes, and
make them more feminine. Eyelash extensions are an easy and instant way to
increase your eyelash length and volume. Add some coloured contact lenses with
larger pupils, and you are all set to go!


Petite Cheat: Latisse for
Longer Lashes

If you do not want to stick on eyelashes every time you go
out, a great, longer term solution is Lastisse:
an FDA approved topical application to help your lashes grow longer and
thicker. 16 weeks is all you need to achieve up to 30% growth. The downside?
You need to continue using the product, or your lashes will shrink back to
normal again. The cost is also something you will have to consider, of course –
it costs SGD $240 a month to use Latisse.


Mid-Grade Cheat : Fillers
for UnderEye Rejuvenation

The rapidly aging undereye area creates fine lines, dark eye
circles and a depression known as the tear trough, making us look tired. You
can have the most beautiful, large eyes, but without the right frame, they will
still look unattractive. Hyaluronic
Acid fillers are a safe and simple procedure
to quickly rejuvenate the
undereye area. Pigmentation can be improved with laser toning to
tighten skin
, disperse melanin and reduce fine lines

Mid-Grade Cheat: Botox to
Lift Brows


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are
the frame to this window. Eyebrows are an extremely important part of the upper
face. They make the eyes look more alluring and feminine. Botox
is an effective way
to shape the eyebrows, by rebalancing the muscles
around them. The treatment lasts about 3-6 months, and needs to be repeated
regularly to maintain the results.


Full Cheat: Plastic Surgery
for Asian Eyes

The biggest problem affecting Asian eyes is really – small
eyes, due to the lack of a double eyelid, and the presence of an epicanthal
fold. Plastic surgery to make eyes look bigger is serious business in Asia.
There are multiple procedures you can do, depending on the problem, and the
results are nothing short of amazing.

Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre
offers this useful infographic to
describe the surgeries you can do for more beautiful eyes, all at the same


We found these amazing before-after eye surgery pictures
from a clinic in


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