4 EASY Cheats to Aesthetic Pefection

Not everyone is born with Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, Angelina Jolie’s
Lips, or Karlie Kloss’s killer cheekbones, but thanks to the wonders of modern
medicine, you can be aesthetic perfect, given a little help.

1. Flawless,
Glowing Skin

Celebrities seem to be always blessed with flawless, glowing skin when
gracing the red carpet. Don’t be mistaken – Hollywood A-Listers are mortal as
well, with their fair share of skin woes.


Instant Cheat:

Red Carpet
are a Hollywood must-have to be red carpet ready. These intense,
clinical facials are specially designed to give your skin an instant glow with skin illuminating agents and skin exfoliation. Our pick
is The Sloane Clinic’s Go Glow facial,
designed to rapidly and safely resurface skin
polish off dead and dull cells, encourage cellular renewal, and encourage your
skin to breathe with confidence and clarity: exactly what we need to be
red-carpet ready.

Skeptics in our team were laid
to rest after trying out the Go Glow facial: Sam’s skin is visibly brighter,
clearer, and glowing after the one-hour treatment. The facial is best done 1 to
3 days before your important event.


Full Cheat:

Nothing works better for
glowing skin then Laser Resurfacing.
While traditional resurfacing treatments come with a week of downtime and
redness, gentler alternatives are now available. Fraxel Light uses a
lighter setting
of the
popular Erbium Glass fractional laser to achieve a balance between downtime and
results. With only a few hours of mild redness, compared to 5 days in the full
Fraxel treatment, Fraxel Light is ideal for busy people who cannot take time
off work.

2. Full, Luscious Hair

Beautiful hair is an integral
part of looking perfect. Studies have shown that women with full, long hair are
rated to be more attractive than their short haired counterparts.

Instant Cheat:

Instant “hair growth”
is now available with instant hair thickening agents! Think of it as the
ultimate make-up for hair: Caboki is a hair thickener, made from natural plant fibres (a
type of cotton). The fibres bond to your hair when powdered on, thickening your
hair instantly. Gofybr
is another such product, which promises to thicken hair naturally. Sounds too
good to be true? Watch the demo:

Full Cheat:

Maximise Hair Growth with modern aesthetics: With new treatments and
technologies, hair loss can easily be treated and reversed, fortunately for
us.  The Revage
670 Laser is an FDA approved
treatment for hair loss. Studies have shown
that up to 90% of people suffering from hair loss see improvement in their mane
after undergoing the laser treatment. Revage has also been shown to work better
when done together with clinical “hair-cials”, which use minoxidil to further
promote hair regrowth.The Sloane Clinic has incorporated these into their Hair Maximizer Programme, which has
shown to be very effective in giving you’re luscious, thick hair after a series
of treatments.  


3. Killer Cheekbones

cheekbones provide definition to the face, giving it a V shape appearance,
associated with youth. The size of our cheekbones are genetically determined,
but there are ways to go cheat our way through it.



power of make-up cannot be further
emphasized. By skillfully applying highlights and shadows, the way light falls
onto our face can be altered to give the impression of higher cheeks. Different
face shapes will suit different highlighting makeup better:


Picture from ExtraExtravagant


you do not want your dates to run away everytime
you remove your makeup, it may be better to invest in some filler treatments to contour and sculpt your facial features. Hyaluronic Acid
Fillers are safe
effective, and give excellent results for contouring the face. The cheekbones
can be recreated to look higher with a lifting filler such as Restylane SubQ –
This gives the face better definition. The picture below
shows a member of our team who underwent fillers for the nose tip, chin and
cheeks to entirely transform her face.


4. Killer Jawline

smooth, V Shaped jawline is not only aesthetically beautiful, but oozes
femininity as well.


again, the clever use of make-up to highlight and shadowing can help redefine
the jawline. See some tips for working with shadows with makeup in the video:


and Botox will work wonders for sculpting the jawline. Botox Facial
Slimming is a popular method
especially in Korea, to create a slimmer jawline. This can be combined with
skin lifting treatments like Ulthera to further
tighten skin
and define the jaw.

chin is often deficient in Asians. This gives rise to an imbalanced side
profile and poor jawline, with obvious double chin. Hyaluronic Acid
fillers are the great sculptors

in the modern aesthetic medicine. They allow us to augment areas in the jaw
which are deficient, creating a straighter, more youthful jawline. At the same
time, the double chin becomes less obvious as it is hidden. Newer fillers like
Emervel Deep last up to 2 years, making the treatment even more cost effective
than before.


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