Beautiful Down Under: Vaginal Aesthetic Rejuvenation

is a topic rarely spoken of. While it is on the minds of many women, few ever
consult their doctors about it. Anti-aging for the face, body and hair – No
Problem! But anti-ageing treatments for the vagina – that is a different ball
game altogether.

rejuvenation of the regions down under can be a sensitive issue, and rarely
spoken of, at least until recently, when the world suddenly came abuzz with the
availability of new, non-invasive vaginal tightening systems. We look at the
aesthetic issues of the female genitalia, and what your options are.

Hair Removal: A Bushy

removal for the Bikini and Brazilian areas are the most commonly performed
aesthetic procedures for the female genitalia area. Hair removal is usually performed with a hair removal laser, such as the Candela
GentleYag, or the Candela GentleLase. With advances in laser technology, hair
removal is now very safe, and suitable even for darker skin types with minimal
risk of skin burns.

decade ago, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) was widely used for hair removal, but
risk of burns in darker skin caused the procedure to go out of fashion.

the bush in check has spawned a whole language of hair shapes, in all their
glory: Landing Strip, Mohawk, Martini, to name a few. More recently,
hair-loving advocates are promoting going au-naturel: leaving the bush to grow
in all its natural glory. Mannequins in the window display of clothing line
American Apparel were even spotted to sport a full bush of hair! But before you
cancel your laser appointment, surveys reveal that men still prefer to go down
on a woman who has trimmed her pubes, or is hairless rather than bushy.

Vaginal Laxity and

like our skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers. During vaginal
childbirth these tissues can overstretch, damaging the collagen and creating a
feeling of looseness (laxity), especially around the vaginal opening.

Vaginal laxity is more common than you think.
In a survey of over four hundred women who had undergone vaginal chidbirth,
nearly half reported some level of concern with vaginal looseness. Women who
experience this loss of tightness also noticed a decreased feeling of sensation
and sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Viveve system, which uses
radio frequency waves
to stimulate the body’s natural collagen rebuilding process, is
set to revolutionalise the way we view and treat vaginal laxity. During the
procedure, a treatment tip about the size of your thumb is inserted inside
the vaginal opening. The
tip is circumferentially moved around the opening, delivering pulses of
radio frequency energy to the collagen fibers that make up the underlying
tissues. Collagen in the vaginal tissues is then stimulated over the next 30-90
days, when tightening can be felt. The treatment has very little discomfort,
and has no associated downtime: you can return to normal activities right after
the 30 minute procedure. One treatment is all you need to see results, and if
required, the procedure can be repeated 3-6 months later.

Pigmentation And Skin Lightening

Darkening of the skin about the genital areas,
buttocks and thighs is another common problem women face. Hypermigmentation is
a result of the deposition of excess melanin in the skin. This affects people
with darker skin types, e.g. Asians. It can be a result of minor trauma of the
skin – such as from shaving, or it can happen without any noticeable cause.

Pigmentation can easily be corrected with a laser
which targets pigmentation, such as an Nd-Yag
Q-Switched Laser
. The Revlite
system gives an added benefit
of collagen stimulation and skin
tightening and smoothening as well with its deeply penetrating PhotoAcoustic
Technology Pulse (PTP).

news for us all: Vaginal Laxity and Pigmentation/ skin texture problems can now
all be treated at once, with The Sloane
Clinic’s Intimate Program

Surgical Vaginal

improvement of the genital area involves 2 procedures: Vaginoplasty, and
Labioplasty. Labiaplasty
is a labia reduction and cosmetic enhancement genital surgical procedure to
reduce or change the shape of the labia, while vaginoplasty is done by removing
excess vaginal lining and tightening the surrounding soft tissues and muscles. The procedures can be
thought of as a “face-lift” for the
genital area.

an experienced surgeon, woman report an immediate decrease in size, better
appearance, and improved sexual satisfaction. The procedure is done under
general anesthesia, and as with all surgeries, there will be a certain amount
of associated downtime for a few days. In the hectic world today, many women
are unable to take time off their busy schedule. Hence, the demand of
non-surgical options such as the Viveve is set to rise over the next few years.


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