High-Tech Help for Hair Loss: Revage Laser

Hair loss treatments have gotten
a lot more interesting lately. Besides using lotions and medications, there is
even a laser you can use to help slow
down hair loss or help hair regrowth.

Revage 670 laser is an FDA approved
, low level
diode laser which uses rotating diode lasers (rotational phototherapy, or PRT) to
stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles.The enhanced blood flow propels
dormant hair follicles into the active growth phase, while encouraging cellular
and tissue regeneration for thicker, suppler and more durable hair shafts.

The treatment is surprisingly
comfortable, sitting under the laser for 30 minutes. For best results, the
treatment should be done 2 times weekly for 6 weeks, then weekly for the next
16 weeks, followed by periodic touch-ups after to maintain the results.

Studies have shown that Revage670
Laser produces an 85% success rate in halting the progression of hair loss and
up to a 39% increase in fullness – really impressive indeed!

The great advantage is of course
that there is no need to worry about the side effects associated with lotions
and pills: especially the sexual
side effects associated with Finasteride
also safe for both men and women, unlike finasteride.

Revage 670 Laser costs $200 a
session at The
Sloane Clinic Hair Restoration Centre in ION, Singapore
. It is our treatment of choice for hair loss, because of its
efficacy, convenience, and safety profile.


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