Help for Hair Loss 1: Lotions and Pills

you know that 40% of men above 35 years old experience some degree of hair
loss? The problem is not only limited to men: 25% of women are affected as
well, at some point in their lives.

help is readily available now. We give you a breakdown on the ways you can help
your crowning glory:

Minoxidil Hair Lotions

Minoxidil is an topical lotion available in 2% or 5%
formulations It is thought to work by prolonging the growth (Anagen) phase of
hair follicles, and by increasing blood flow, stimulating them to grow.
Minoxidil has been shown to effective in about 50% – 75% of users. twice a day,
and can feel sticky, which many do not like. Some formulations are better than
others, for example, we like Sloane Inc Hair
Recovery Serum
, which is less sticky than other minoxidil products, and also
contains Vitamin B6 and Gingko Biloba for added hair growth.

Hair Growth Pills: Finasteride

have the added option of using a hair growth pill: Finasteride (brand name:
propecia), which inhibits 5 Alpha Reductase, an enzyme which converts
Testosterone into the more powerful Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – thus reducing
the levels of DHT in the body (people who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia are
thought to have increased sensitivity to DHT).Up to 90% of people respond to
the treatment. Take note, however, that this treatment is only available for
men, not women.

men also have reservations taking this pill, because of the NOTORIOUS side
effects: of decreased libido. While this only affects 4% of patients according
to the studies, there have also been reports of PERMANENT sexual side effects. If
you are willing to take the risk, finasteride is a fantastic way to turn your
hair loss fortunes around, and restore your crowning glory.


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