SILHOUETTE SOFT®Threadlift: A First Hand Experience


The latest innovation in the
ever-changing world of aesthetic treatments is a non-invasive threadlift:
called the Silhouette Soft Threadlift.

technological innovation offering women what no treatment has ever provided in
such a simple way: a redefined face, restored volume and reduced wrinkles by
means of a 30-minute treatment at their doctor’s, for a result lasting up to 18

SOFT® comes in the form of bidirectional absorbable thread cones. It
is made in the United States and its development is based on six years of
experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and
cosmetic surgery.

only product on the beauty market enabling two joint actions: 1) A lift effect
as soon as SILHOUETTE SOFT® is applied for an immediate and discreet
result, 2) a regenerative effect, for progressive and natural results.”

~ From SILHOUETTE SOFT®official

The team was very excited to
experience this treatment first hand. From what we heard, the procedure is very
quick, relatively comfortable, with dramatic results.

The treatment began with a consult
with Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of The
Sloane Clinic
. Our
brave volunteer was 45 year old Amy, whose main concerns are her saggy cheeks,
nasolabial lines (the lines at the sides of the nose and mouth), and double
chin. In the detailed consultation, Dr Low explained that Amy would need just 2
threads per side to improve her appearance: one to lift the cheeks, and one
along the neck to tighten the skin and reduce the double chin. The whole
treatment would only take an hour, and involve only needles, unlike
conventional threadlifts. There may be some bruising and mild swelling after,
which will resolve in a few days.


The markings indicating where
the threads would be inserted for Amy>

“The procedure was quite an
experience. First, the nurse applied some numbing cream to make sure I was
comfortable. Dr Low then marked out the areas on my face to indicate where she
would insert the threads. Next, a local anesthetic was injected at several
points. This was surprisingly painless.

The thread insertion proper was really
interesting. My face was cleaned and sterilized, then covered with a green
drape – the way you see in movies when they perform surgeries. I couldn’t see
what was going on, and before I knew it, Dr Low confidently told me the threads
are already in!! There was no pain, and nothing like what I expected.

To end off, she then sat me up, and
tightened the threads further by pulling on them, then cutting off the exposed
bits. I was out of the room, like promised in less than an hour. There was some
redness and mild swelling, and my cheeks and neck did feel sore, but it was
nothing I couldn’t handle.”

~ Amy


Amy immediately after the
procedure, with only mild swelling and redness>

The team stood by in anticipation to
see the results. Already, some lifting could be seen immediately after. The
swelling was mild, and Amy could definitely go out after the procedure. But
what really impressed us was the results after all the swelling was gone the
next day. Amy was visibly lifted, and her double chin reduced by more than
half! Over the next few days, mild bruising began to surface: this was a
yellowish hue, and could be covered with makeup, and in a week, everything was
back to normal: a new normal, that is: Amy was much more lifted in the cheeks,
and her double chin was visibly smaller. The results, we were told, would last
more than a year.

For a treatment that is so quick, with
so little downtime, this is certainly worth every cent! We will highly
recommend it to anyone who has a problem with sagging skin, and is keen to look
fresher and younger.

The Silhouette Soft Threadlift is available at The Sloane Clinic. The
treatment starts from SGD $3,000 before GST.


Before, and one week after.
The lift in the cheeks was very obvious. They are lifted in a much higher
position, and Amy looked so much fresher. The nasolabial lines were also much


Before, and one week after
from the side. You can see the reduction of the double chin very clearly in
this picture.


We flipped the left half
Amy’s face to show how different it looks before and after the treatment.


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