Achieve Kylie Jenner’s Lips:  with Lip Fillers

The cat is out of the bag: Kylie Jenner has FINALLY admitted
to getting lip fillers done. For years, the 18year old has denied rumours that
she has plumped up her lips with injectable fillers, saying that it is the
result of over-lining her lips with makeup.

Despite her denials, experts around the world unanimously
agree that she had her lips plumped: there is no way make-up can achieve such
dramatic results.

What Are Lips Fillers?

“The most common lip fillers used today are hyaluronic acid
fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Emervel. These are temporary and last
anywhere from 6-9 months. They look and feel natural, and are very safe”, says
Dr Siew Tuck Wah of The Sloane Clinic.  

How can Fillers Help your

Gone are the days when lips fillers created lumpy sausage
lips. Those ghastly results happened more than 10 years ago, when substances
such as silicon were used in the lips. Lips fillers, when injected correctly,
will enhance your lips, define their shape, and restore youthfulness to your face.

Restore Plumpness and

One of the signs of ageing of the lips is dry, chapped lips,
and the appearance of vertical lines, as a result of loss of hydration and
collagen. The lips become tired-looking, and in severe cases, lipstick bleeding
may occur.

“Fillers can be used to solve the problem. With a few
microinjections of a very soft filler, we can restore hydration of the lips,
and eliminate the lines. This treatment, Revitalift
, is very natural, and perfect for someone who is keen to just improve
hydration and lip lines, without any increase in volume.” Dr Siew says.

Redefine Lip Contours

“Lip shape is just as important as lip volume. Beautiful
lips have well-defined borders, and upturned lip corners. The centre of the
lips should form an inverted “w” like a cupid’s bow. In addition, the philtrum
(the 2 lines which run down the centre from the nose to the lip) should be
visible and well defined. The lower lip should also be slightly thicker than
the upper lip in accordance to the golden ratio”, explains Dr Siew. “Many of
these features are absent in women: we try to reproduce them with lip liners
and lipstick. By skillfully injecting Natural
into the lip contours, we can create lips which look youthful,
luscious, and sexy.”


Increase Thickness and Volume

What Kylie Jenner did was more than just redefine the
contours: Her lip thickness increased almost 3 fold from 2011 – 2014! Thicker
lips are associated with youth and femininity, although in our opinion, Kylie
has gone slightly too far.

“If more luscious, Angelina Jolie-type lips
are what you desire, a more robust filler such as Emervel Volume can be used to
achieve the effect. These fillers are stiffer and hence give a good lifting and
volumizing effect.

We are glad that Kylie Jenner finally came out of the
plastic surgery closet. There is nothing wrong with getting procedures done to
look better, but denying them blatantly is.


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