Crystal Tomato: Nature’s Best Kept Skin Whitening Secret


We all know
tomatoes are good for our health. Besides being rich in Vitamin C,it is one of the
richest sources of lycopene – an antioxidant. It has been shown to be
beneficial to heart health and even lower the risk of prostrate cancer in men.

It is no
surprise that tomatoes are also a superfood for the skin: studies have shown
that oral intake of tomatoes help protect against ultraviolet damage from the

Crystal Tomato: A Non-GMO White Tomato

Crystal Tomato
is in fact made from a specially bred non-genetically modified white tomato
rich in the colourless carotenoids: phytoene(PE) and
phytofluene (PF). PE and PF are carotenoid precursors which have excellent
antioxidant properties, especially for the skin. Unlike the orange/red
carotenoid which give tomatoes its red colour, colourless carotenoids do not
stain the skin. (Your skin will be stained a ghastly orange hue if you eat too
many tomatoes!)

Tomato is a dehydrated, powdered form the white tomato. Each capsule contains 3
large white tomatoes. In addition, L-cysteine is added: another oxidant which
helps with skin whitening. It comes in a convenient, once a day dose, specially
designed for the busy modern man and woman.

Effects of Crystal Tomato


consumption, PE and PF are quickly absorbed into the skin, where it exhibits
its multi-action anti-oxidant effects:

UV Protection:

PE and PF are the first carotenoid precursors in the biosynthetic
pathway of other carotenoids. Unlike other carotenoids, PE and PF lack any
visible colour. Hence, they absorb light in the ultra-violet range, which make
them ideal for offering protection against UVA/B damage from within.That way,
they provide anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage by
environmental aggressors. A recent study showed that the natural SPF of the
skin was increased by as much as 20% after Crystal Tomato supplements.

Brighter, Fairer Skin:

PE and PF interfere with the biochemical pathways which melanin is
formed. As a result, new skin pigment formation is reduced, and the skin
becomes fairer and lighter. 

Reduction of Existing Pigmentation:

PE, PF, and L-cysteine (which is converted to Glutathione in the body)
also reduce existing pigmentation in the skin, lightening pigmentory
conditions such as melasma, age spots, and dark acne scars.

Anti-inflammatory Effects:

Like normal tomatoes, Crystal Tomatoes exhibit
anti-inflammatory properties, promoting wound and tissue healing.

For those of us who are looking for a safe, natural and effective
supplement for skin whitening, Crystal tomato is a great choice.

Tomato is available at
The Sloane Clinic.


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