The Secret to A youthful Face: Restoring The Cheeks with Fillers


 The cheeks are an important part of our face. They form the
midface: the area below the eyes, and above the mouth. The cheekbones frame the
cheeks, while the surrounding fat pads give volume and plumpness to them.

Plumb and high cheeks have long been a sign of youth and
femininity. Unfortunately, women start to lose volume in their cheeks as early
as the mid twenties. The cheeks start to deflate, and the area under the eyes
start to look more tired as the cheek support is lost. As a result, we start
looking tired all the time.


women start to lose
volume in their cheeks in their twenties, making them look tired and sad

While many technologies are available to improve skin
texture and lift sagging skin, there are very few which can restore volume. The
best solution involves revolumizing the lost fat by introducing fillers to

Fillers come in many brands, forms and materials, but the
most widely used now are the hyaluronic acid fillers (such as Restylane): in
the right hands, these fillers are natural, safe, and give excellent results.
We say “in the right hands”, because a filler treatment is not without its
downsides. As filler injections become more and more common, there has been a
growing trend towards having too much injected, resulting in overly inflated
cheeks: dubbed the “pillow cheeks”.  It
is a fine balance between having the right amount injected, and having too
much: and this will depend on how experienced your doctor is.


the “pillow cheeks”
phenomenon has swept Hollywood: a result of over-enthusiastic use of fillers

Fillers, when used correctly, will restore youth, making you
look fresher and more rested.  Less is
always more. Speak more to your doctor to find out more about this treatment!


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