Mission Makeover: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Treating Eyebags


I have always had a problem with my eyebags. Even when I was
in my twenties, I started having them. No matter how much I slept, my friends
would comment that I looked tired, or sleepy.

I embarked on a mission to find a solution for them,
starting with creams. I have tried many creams that claim to improve eyebags,
but to no avail. Lamer, SK II, Strivectin, Estee Lauder, you name it, and I
have tried it. Some days, the creams seem to work, but most days, it feels like
money thrown down the drain.

Then came the lasers. I tried several lasers: some which
required 10 sessions (a gentle toning laser), also Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL
– which involved bright flashes of light. Unfortunately, other than leaving me
feeling like I have been abducted by aliens, they did very little to make me
look better.

I turned the big 40 this year, and it has come to a point
where my eyebags can no longer be hidden, even with concealers and centimeter-thick
make up. I am reluctant for eye-bag removal surgery, because my busy work
schedule makes it very difficult for me to take too much time off.

I was really delighted when I learned that there were eyebag
treatment alternatives to surgery, using hyaluronic acid fillers. I was
recommended The Sloane Clinic by my
colleague who also had the treatment done there.

Dr Chua Han Boon was the doctor who consulted with me. He
reassured me that the procedure was quick, safe and effective. My eyebags would
not disappear entirely, but they would definitely improve. He also pointed out
that my cheeks have hollowed out because of ageing, which contributed to the tired

I surprised myself when I agreed to the procedures,
considering I have never had any injections done before. And I am so happy that
I did. The procedure, which took less than half and hour, was performed with
only one injection. A long, blunt needle called a cannula was used to inject
the fillers where they were needed.

Dr Chua told me that for my cheeks he used Voluma
High Definition Lift
to lift and sculpt it, then Revitalift undereye
to hide the eyebags. There was no swelling or bruising and I went home without
anyone even noticing I had anything done. I could see the difference
immediately – the results were nothing short of amazing, for such a quick and
painless procedure. I was so excited I even asked the nurses for the
before-after pictures they took, so I can share them!


It has been a week now since the procedure. Dr Chua
mentioned the most common side effects people face after the procedure are mild
bruising and mild swelling, both which did not happen to me, thank goodness!
The amazing thing is that my eye bags continued to get better and better over
the week.

Voluma is supposed to last more than a year, while the revitalift,
3-6 months. I paid $2,300 in total. My next appointment with Dr Chua is in 3
months. If needed, the Revitalit will be repeated, which costs $900.

Contributed by: Cecilia Tan


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