Product Spotlight: Sloane Inc Pineapple Enzyme Scrub


Long gone are the days when facial scrubs contain harsh,
large particles which feel like they are trying to scrape off your skin. These
days, facial scrubs are much more refined, and infused with natural ingredients
to help brighten, rejuvenate and refresh the skin, the way a scrub should.

A facial scrub is an important part of your facial regime:
It helps to remove the dead cells on the surface, promoting new skin growth,
and revealing the brighter, fairer skin underneath. The action of scrubbing has
been shown to also improve blood circulation, promoting collagen synthesis to smoothen
out the skin surface.

Sloane Inc’s latest offering in their line of products is a
facial scrub which features pineapple extracts and the very innovative jojoba
microbeads. Pineapple extracts contain Bromelain, popularly used for
tenderizing meat. A proteolytic enzyme (meaning it breaks down proteins),
Bromelain also effectively digests the skin’s dead proteins, exfoliating the
out layers of dead skin and facilitating the rebuilding of collagen.

Jojoba microbeads are, in our opinion, the highlight of the
product. The micro-beads are gentle on the skin, and dissolve as your massage
them to release nourishing jojoba oil to moisturize skin. For this reason, the
scrub leaves your skin feeling supple and hydrated, unlike many scrubs on the

There is another reason for favouring jojoba mico-beads in a
scrub. Made of biodegradable natural wax, the beads do
not impact the environment the way plastic beads do. Plastic microbeads,
commonly used in many facial scrubs, are impacting ocean life as they are
ingested by marine life. They act as micro sponges to suck up toxic chemicals,
poisoning fish in the oceans.

Sloane Inc Pineapple Enzyme Scrub is definitely a product to
look out for if you are looking for a gentle, effective and environmentally
friendly scrub. It is available for SGD $45 at all branches of The Sloane Clinic in Singapore and
Malaysia, and on their online store, The
Sloane Shop


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