Top Five Skin Revivers


was given the opportunity to try a bunch of products from the Sloane Inc line
as part of my “job” (official sounding as it is) as a “product tester” (love
the title). Okay, I am just a beauty junkie looking for my next fix, but hey,
don’t judge.

those of you who know me will know that my skin, like my personality, is highly
schizophrenic— oily one moment, dry the next. But one battle I have been
losing since my teens is that with open pores and shine. To add insult to injury
(ever since I have discovered the joys of bourbon on a Saturday night) my skin
has been as dull as a skateboarder’s well er… skateboard? You get the picture

I am
extremely wary of skincare products. A case of once bitten, twice shy— my skin
has broken out on numerous occasions as a result of ‘evil’ products. To get a
feel for my skin, I had a consultation at The Sloane Clinic with Dr Siew
Tuck Wah, who put my skin under their super high-tech Visa analysis, that
uncovers all my past skin sins much to my horror. When asked what I wanted to
achieve for my skin, I shrieked “Glow! Glow! Glow!” much to the amusement of
the handsome doctor.

recommended a few home treatment items for me, namely because I told him I have
no time for facials, no guts for laser and no stomach for oral supplements. In
short, here’s Dr Siew’s prescription:

Clear Scrub
: for weekly exfoliation

Glow mask: to replenish and revive my dying and desperate cells

illumination essence
: to be patted in to awaken my inner glow

to replenish my skin with water not oil

: to seal in moisture, minimize pores and to act as a skin primer

like a handful? Well, not quite. I had so much fun with the products, I almost
wished I had more. I started with a dollop of the Crystal
Clear scrub
and I must say this is one powerful skin exfoliator. Forget all
the other scrubs you see on the market, this is the real deal when it comes to
cleaning out pores. A little goes a long way.  I have never seen my pores this clean for a
long time. A word of advice: use your fingertips for a gentler exfoliation.
Newbies, go gentle please!


Tiny microscopic crystals ensure a smooth skin exfoliation.

Glow mask is my favourite step. Firstly, because it smelled so delicious I had
to stop myself from eating it. I was told this product is not on the shelves
yet and so I am using the pre-launch version— yippee! Very excitingly, I
could see little gold flakes in the mask and was tempted to wear this as a
necklace instead.But common sense prevailed (aka I sobered up in time). Unlike
traditional masks, this did not harden or dry up my skin. Instead, the longer I
left it on my skin, the softer my skin felt. A light rinse after, and my skin
felt supple and refreshed but not tight and dry! I have fallen in love…

I am
not one for toners but I was reassured that the Skin
Illumination Complex
is not a toner. It is made from Chardonnay extracts
that will infuse the skin with antioxidants and form the basis for healthier,
more supple skin. Anything remotely alcoholic will surely appeal to me right? I
wasted no time in patting in a palmful of the product which sunk right into my
skin. My skin felt refreshed and looked clearer immediately, best of all voila!
There was no greasy residue after. I was so tempted to stop at this step, as
anyone who knows me would know that I hate my skin oily. And my complexion is
looking pretty good at this point.


Aqualicious felt like
water on my hand

I soldiered on to the next step as advised by Dr Siew — hydration. Despite my
protests that my skin did not need hydration, Dr Siew insisted that my skin
would like more dewy if I hydrated it daily. The trick he says is in using the
correct product. “Just like skinny girls will also benefit with regular
exercise” he says. This is the step I felt most apprehensive about, but when I
first (gingerly) applied Aqualicious
to my skin, I immediately noticed two things: firstly, the product felt like a
bubble of encapsulated water, very strangely appealing; secondly, where did it
go? The product just melted right into my skin with nary a trace of oil or
grease! Bless the good doctor’s heart! I peered at my skin, was I imagining it?
But my skin did look more dewy after and I could definitely see that my
complexion was brighter with Aqualicious than without.  Before, it just looked matte, now it has a
subtle but noticeable out-of-the-shower glow.

emboldened, I plunged headlong into the next step, which is 24K
. I love the sparkling flakes of gold in the bottle and can only
imagine how wonderful they will look on my skin. Well, not exactly. The gold
flakes were almost invisible when applied onto the skin but the silky, skin
refining effect thankfully wasn’t. The skin felt like a satin silk sheet — so
smooth to touch I couldn’t stop touching myself. Frankly, my pores were still
visible (goddamn it) but it definitely looked a fraction smaller and less
visible. Makeup did stay for way longer than it usually did and my skin
definitely radiated all night long. What I really loved was that everyone
thought I wasn’t wearing foundation but just had really clear skin! That, I
guess, is the trick of having glowing skin, people just presume you are born
with you.

were some issues the products couldn’t fix of course—my pores while much
cleaner were still an issue to me (I have very high standards).
I had some old acne scars which I will still have to deal with. One day, I may
have to take the plunge into laser territory. All things considered, the
skincare was a big hit with me, and I am going to continue using them till the
very last dollop.



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